D&B Ceramic Commercial Tile Services

When it comes to residential and commercial tiling, the work may seem similar but there are some big differences. At D&B Ceramic, we have experience in both forms of tiling and understand these differences. We draw upon that experience to give you the professional commercial installation you expect for your business.

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Hotel Tiling

A hotel should look welcoming and feel comfortable. That’s what you get when all the right finishes come together as planned. Your floor tiles set the tone for it all because the moment a guest walks through the door that’s the first thing they are likely to see or touch. Make them feel at home with the perfect choice of tile and the professional installation that will be the foundation for the entire hotel atmosphere.

Office Tiling

Achieve the office atmosphere you want for your clients and your employees by making sure your office tiling not only utilizes the finest in tile materials, but it also sees the benefits of our professional office installation. Installing the right tiles from the professional installers at D&B Ceramic is a huge step forward for your business.

Retail Store Tiling

With the heavy foot traffic that a busy retail store sees, it is essential to have floor tiles that are durable and create a safe environment for your patrons. For that reason, D&B Ceramic can provide the expertise you need to choose the ideal retail floor tile option.

School Tiling

It’s important that the tiling in a school is handled with professional care to do the job right. You need your school tiles to be installed properly for the safety of the children, teachers, and staff. At D&B Ceramic, we know what must go into every installation to make sure you get the most from your school tiles.

Bar Tiling

Giving your bar the atmosphere you want is made a little easier with the professional tiling experts at D&B Ceramic. We can help you make the right choices to achieve the look you want with the perfect tiles for your bar area. With a vast array of tiles to choose from, there is no shortage of ideas that we can put together for you to make your bar look and feel trendy, classic, chic or any style you’re interested in. Plus, our tile installers will make it look perfect in every detail.

Restaurant Tiling

Whether it’s back in the kitchen or out front for your patrons, there is no better way to give your restaurant the style and flair you want than with the right tiles from D&B Ceramic. From the ultra-modern to the refined, D&B Ceramic restaurant tiles don’t just look great but they are also easy to maintain. That’s perfect for your guests and your restaurant staff. Let our professional tiling experience work for you to create the space you want for your restaurant floors or walls. You will see your establishment come to life with new restaurant tiles.

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